Food assistance at the Market

Making sure that everyone has access to fresh, local food is an important part of our mission. We double SNAP (Food Stamps), WIC (moms & babies) and FMNP (seniors). Most of our farmers participate in the HIP program. See below for details; get full information at the Manager’s Tent.

We appreciate the support from our local sponsors. Individuals also support us, through one-time or ongoing donations.

“The financial help with the matching is great. I was able to eat well because of your market.”
– A SNAP shopper


SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)

We match SNAP (formerly Food Stamps) up to $20. Here’s how it works:

  • Take your SNAP card to the Market Manager’s tent.

  • The manager will swipe your card, and your amount is deducted from your account.

  • You get certificates for twice the amount that was deducted from your account, up to $20 per Market day.

  • Use the certificates on any SNAP-approved items.

Example: If you planned to spend $10, your account is debited for $10, and we’ll double that and give you certificates worth $20 to spend at our Market!

Applying for SNAP and using it

SNAP (formerly Food Stamps) is a federal program run by the Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance.

See the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ page with information on eligibility and applying and the USDA details about what you can and cannot buy with SNAP benefits.

WIC and Senior FMNP coupons

We match WIC and Senior FMNP coupons. Take them to a participating vendor, and you can spend double the amount of the coupons. We reimburse the vendor for the match. Details, including eligibility (at

HIP (Healthy Incentives Program)

HIP provides free fruits and vegetables to SNAP recipients who buy directly from a participating farmer. There is a monthly maximum depending on your household size:
• 1–2 people: $40 per month
• 3–5 people: $60 per month
• 6 or more: $80 per month

Example: Buy apples, tomatoes and corn directly from a HIP vendor, using your SNAP card. If you spend $12, you’ll instantly get $12 put back into your account. (This requires that you have the purchase amount in your account.)

More information

Read  details about HIP (at Call Project Bread’s Food Source Hotline: 888-645-8333; trained staff are available to answer questions in multiple languages. Or write to the Department of Transitional Assistance

HIP & SNAP at our Market: Read our document about using these benefits at the Market:
HIP & SNAP in EnglishHIP & SNAP in ChineseHIP & SNAP in SpanishHIP & SNAP in Russian
You need Acrobat Reader to read these flyers.

Food For Free rescues extra food at the end of the Market. We support them taking food to the Belmont Food Pantry.

Food For Free rescues extra food at the end of the Market. We support them taking food to the Belmont Food Pantry.


We depend on donations, sponsors & grants

All matching programs are in effect while funds are available.
Donations help us run this and other programs.
If you’d like to sponsor our work, or can make a grant, please let us know.